Beauty`s books part 1

Once upon a time there lived a princes named Belle.  She loved to read wordless picture books that are called Owly. She loved them so much that she had all of them exept one it was called Owly just a little blue. So she went to the book store and she could not find it so she asct the store lady and she said ” We don’t have any more because everybody bot them all. So belle went to all the book stores in town but she could not find the last owly book she needed for her collection. So she went to one more store and she finaly found the book that she was looking for. She went home and she started reading her book. She read all of the book but she did not like the last one. So belle went to the book store and she found a book called nancy drew and the clue cruw. She bot all of the series  of the nancy drew books. She read them all and her favorite one was nancy drew an the clue crew sleepover sleuths. She loved it so much she made a quilt with nancy drew and the clew crew. Then because she loves nancy drew  so much that she gose and finds more books of nancy drew. Then belle went to the beach and read all of her nancy drew books. Then she went back home and tolled her dad about the books she is reading. Her dad was so impressed that she read that she read the owly serys and one of the Nancy Drew books. But she could not find the next book.


                                                                                                       What will happen next?

The Butterfly Life Cycle

We know a lot about the butterfly life cycle so maybe you could get a caterpillar and see the life cycle!

1. First it starts as an egg.

2. Then a teeny tiny caterpillar hatches from the egg.

3. Then it eats and eats and eats and gets bigger and bigger.

4. After that  it climes up the tree on to a leave and forms in to the letter J.

5. Then the next day it forms a chrysalis.

6. Then in a few weeks out comes a butterfly!


Now if you get a pet caterpillar or find a caterpillar you can find a good habitat and watch the butterfly life cycle to see if we were right!

Fathers Day

My dad is special because he takes care of me when my mom go’s away, he helps me get my home work done, he reads to me even though I know how to read, he helped me take care of my fish (before he died),and he swims with me and my sister when my mom dose not want to.